Game Fields

The Dam!

This new and exciting dual flag grab game is a hybrid mixture of woodland and concept areas. Will a large dam at the side of a pond with netted barricades for protection on one side and a large netted bridge spanning the width of the valley on the other. Two possible points of attack, a choice of flags, quick thinking is necessary for this game and an unreal amount of paintball strategy. Which team will prevail!.


Hill Siege

Based in the woods, on a peninsular, both teams start at opposite sides of the valley. Somewhere located in a large static caravan or various out buildings is a unexploded bomb. Which team will reach it first and disarm the device.


Barrel Hyperball

An entirely symmetrical game concept field, with an impressive 15ft high pyramid in the centre and our infamous snake, a flag grab scenario with teams advancing from either end. Constructed from barrels to give a distinctive sound as paint hits the barricades around you. Can you handle the pressure of the Barrel Hyperball field.


The Fort

The enemy have dug in for the final defence of our 2 level twin towered fortress. They have vantage points and a supply of ammunition. However, with a little cunning and bravery the surrounding barricades and woodland allow for excellent attacking possibilities.


Speed Ball

It’s all in the name! This game is played at a hectic pace with both teams facing each other across an open field. The only cover is provided by a series of cable reels. The objective is simple – stay alive!


The Village

Deep within the woodland valley, hidden amongst the ferns and trees we have a low wooded village. Which sitting on top of a small hill becomes a thrilling point to defend with attackers advancing from both sides.


Flag Grab

Played along the side of a bank, strategy is all important when playing this game. Do you play high or do you play low. Who will deliver the flag into the oppositions base first?.


The Bridge

Both teams are at the opposite sides of a ravine. At the bottom is a small bridge, the only crossing point. Both teams must attempt to eliminate the opposing resistance before carrying the ammo box into the opposition’s base, and to glory.



A Classic game of hide and seek in the woods in think ferns. The defending team have to hide the flag within the game area; the attackers have to find it. But who will ambush who first? Hunt or be the Hunted!.