At Quest we only use the very best equipment, camouflage overalls are always freshly laundered, guns and battle packs are always cleaned and serviced to give the optimum enjoyment, our goggles are freshly washed and lenses frequently change for a scratch free view.

Equipment List:

Semi Automatic Tippmann Model 98 Paintball Marker

The most reliable marker in the business, capable of firing as fast as you can pull the trigger. They are powered by a CO2 tank which acts as a stock. A serious bit of kit.

Vforce Armour Goggle System

These are simply the best site goggle available, light in weight, good face coverage for protection and a thermal layered lens which very rarely steams up.

Full Camouflage Fatigues

These are available in all sizes and ensure that whilst keeping you as clean as possible they also provide a good degree of protection and of course stealth when attacking the enemy!

Hopper / Loader

Our ammunition feeders are colour coded (half red and half blue) to easily identify the enemy in the midst of a fire fight. The Hoppers / Feeders hold around 200 paintballs.

Battle Pack

For those big grudge matches 200 balls just aren’t enough! Therefore we provide ammunition holders or Battle packs which allow you to take approximately a further 400 balls into a game.